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What Does the Bible ACTUALLY Say About This?
This page was last updated: December 2, 2014
Biblical Interpretation - A discussion of literal versus historical-critical interpretation methodologies.
                Let's take a closer look...

The following are the actual verses in the Bible that are commonly used to condemn homosexuality by those that take that view.  It is VERY important to really look at the verses and their original context closely as you will find that they are not saying what you have always heard people say that they mean.  They are unfortunately very misused and misinterpretted and have been used to cause great hurt to GLBT individuals and those who love them.

You will find that you don't need to be scared of the Bible and that God has GOOD news for you and loves you very much for who you are right now and who He created you to be.  Please don't just believe what you have heard without prayerfully finding this out yourself.  

Sodom -  What is this story really about?

Romans  -  What does "sexual impurity" mean for us?

Corinthians  -  Who are "homosexual offenders"?

Leviticus  -   A look at the "Holiness Code"

Relationship to Others  -  How then does God want us to treat one another even if they are different from us?